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No layoffs in Intergraph, assures Hexagon

US: Hexagon acquired Intergraph because of its people and it plans to make no changes, said Ola Rollen, CEO, Hexagon, in an interview with a local media, al.com.

A veteran of more than 70 acquisitions, Rollen described this acquisition as ‘fantastic.’ Unlike a lot of mergers and acquisitions in which the smaller company becomes a subsidiary or division of the larger company, Rollen said, there are no plans to drop the Intergraph brand.

Rollen added, “It’s all about the people. Intergraph is a great company with great people.” Hexagon acquired Intergraph in July, and the USD 2.125 billion deal closed last month. Hexagon has 11,000 employees in 42 countries; of Intergraph’s 5,000 employees, about 1,200 are in Huntsville.

“We’ve gotten positive feedback from industry analysts,” he said. “They could see the foresightedness. We are one step ahead of the competition.”

He also said he sees continuous growth in Intergraph and Hexagon benefiting from that growth. “Hexagon’s vision is to be a market leader, ranking number one or number two in each strategic business in order to generate growth and shareholder value,” he continued.

“I have a positive outlook for the business. We’ll continue to grow Intergraph internationally and have a good footprint. The company’s Process, Power & Marine division will be particularly important in the future. Four billion people are joining the global economy, and there will be an increased need for energy,” he said. “It will be more and more important how we extract energy. Intergraph has the technologies to do that safely.”

Source: al.com