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NLA strives to excel

Kingston, Jamaica: The National Land Agency (NLA) will undertake a raft of initiatives aimed at improving its services during this financial year, according to Elizabeth Stair, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), NLA. In an interview with Jamaica Information Service, she said that the principle initiative is the implementation of new security features for its Certificate of Titles.

She said that it is going to be a new paper totally and it is going to have some security features, some will be obvious to the naked eye and some will not be, while noting that relevant agencies such as the courts and embassies will be made aware of the changes.

Special security features such as dyes, watermarks, an alpha-numeric numbers, and security threads are embedded in the new paper. In another initiative being undertaken by the NLA, the 30 year old map of Kingston was re- vamped with the new edition created, which will be revealed to the public soon. Also steps were taken by the agency to produce mini maps for the resort towns of Negril and Montego Bay.

“What we really plan to do is to try and update the whole mapping basis over the next few years. We are also looking at providing some other services at the Land Titles Division to make it easier for our customers to work with us, looking at more computerisation,” she adds.

Another one of the priorities of the executive agency is to improve access to its services and this is being done through its regional one-stop shops. Plans are in place to expand the services to other parishes and to also expand the ‘one stop shop’ in Montego Bay and upon completion, all core divisions of the agency such as the land valuation, land titles, estate management, as well as a limited service for surveys and mapping functions, will be represented there.

“I don’t think there are any serious challenges that we can’t work on. We are always looking to make our turn around (time) better. A lot of it means that we have to look at probably moving more documents to a digital platform because then it makes retrieval easier and makes the whole process of working easier,” the CEO stated.

Meanwhile, in terms of challenges, Director of Corporate Legal Services at the NLA, Lois Edwards- Bourne said that with land settlement lots, there are two main problems. “One is right now getting titles for some parcels that are not yet registered and the other problem is getting titles to the persons for whom we have certificates of titles in office.”

Source: JIS