Nissan, Toyota join hands to develop intelligent maps

Nissan, Toyota join hands to develop intelligent maps


Japan: According to a Japanese news daily, Japanese automakers, map-making companies, and the government of Japan will get together to generate standardized intelligent maps, with plans to incorporate driving data gathered by the automakers, the paper said on Sunday. The news daily reported that the competition will improve the technology key for autonomous driving.

To participate in the process, Japanese auto giants Toyota and Nissan have come together to develop the intelligent maps.  Though a Toyota spokesman declined to comment on the issue, officials at Nissan could not be reached immediately for comment.

Intelligent mapping systems supply information to control self-driving cars, which are equipped with street-scanning sensors to measure traffic and road conditions. German auto supplier Bosch said on Friday it was in talks with high-definition digital maps company HERE, exploring whether to take a stake.

Volkswagen’s Audi, Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and car parts supplier Continental are also working on technologies for autonomous or semi-autonomous cars.

Source: Fortune