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Nissan announces new autonomous technology using radar sensors

Image Courtesy: Reuters

Japan: Nissan Motor Co Ltd has announced its plan to focus on self-driving technology that uses radar sensors and cameras. Thus, avoiding LiDAR or light-based sensors because of the high cost and limited capabilities.

The Japanese automaker plan ti launch its autonomous cars by 2020, has avoided LiDAR technology. This is a new technology the automobile sector and many of its rivals have increased their investment in this technology.

According to a report in Reuters, Tetsuya Iijima, General Manager, Advanced Technology Development for Automated Driving, Nissan said, ““At the moment, lidar lacks the capabilities to exceed the capabilities of the latest technology in radar and cameras.”

Iijima added, “It would be fantastic if lidar technology was at the level that we could use it in our systems, but it’s not. There’s an imbalance between its cost and its capabilities.”

In the presentation, Iijima also revealed Nissan’s modern autonomous technology with hands-free driving on highways and on predetermined directions.

This new technology would be launched at the end of 2019, uses radars and sonar sensors with cameras, creating a 3D mapping data for cars to scan their environment.