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NIS GLONASS eyes Indian transportation market

New Delhi, India: Most foreign investors in India complain about the poor infrastructure and chaotic traffic in the country, but Russia’s national navigation services provider, NIS GLONASS, sees it as an opportunity to implement intelligent transport systems.

Vladimir Finov, Managing Director and CEO of NIS GLONASS’ India operations explained about the company’s prospects in the Indian market. Vladimir was in conversation with Russia & India Report.
Vladimir explained that the company wants to make GLONASS signals commercially viable in India. The company aims at developing the telematics business in India.

NIS GLONASS will focus on strengthening the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) of India. Vladimir said, “We are looking at working on the passenger transport system and passenger information system for buses, including inter-city buses”.

The system will also benefit passengers on a local or inter-city bus in India. Passengers would receive information about when the next bus would come to the stop. Information will be made available to passengers even on their mobile phones.

“This kind of service is already available in Russia and is in the stage of pilot implementation in Mumbai by various companies”, said Vladimir.

However, the biggest challenge which GLONASS faces is the competition from low-cost manufacturers. Vladimir stated that these manufacturers don’t care about the quality or reliability of the product, but prefer to complete only on the price level.

GLONASS will also help in infrastructure development for companies that have heavy machineries outside cities in very remote areas, where the machinery needs to be managed properly.

Source: Russia Embassy