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NIMA releases AFE program results for Feature Analyst®

The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) of the Department of Defense, US has published the results of their evaluation of Feature Analyst®. NIMA, as part of their AFE evaluation program, sent a team of analysts to Visual Learning Systems (VLS) for a week-long comprehensive test of Feature Analyst. A summary of the results will be presented at the 2003 ASPRS conference, and point out “the timing
comparisons indicate that Feature Analyst reduces extraction time by a factor of 5 to 10 over small areas” and that “extraction times could be reduced by several orders of magnitude over large areas.” In addition to the improved labor savings, Feature Analyst can produce results that are “highly accurate (for) complex features” and are “more stable than manual extractions.” The study concludes with the statement “participants indicated that Feature Analyst would be of great benefit in an operational environment.”

Feature Analyst is available as an extension to ArcView® 3.x, ArcGIST 8.x, and ERDAS IMAGINE®. Feature Analyst is the first pure feature extraction tool of its kind. Extracting information such as vegetation, buildings, roads, and hydrology before the advent of Feature Analyst was a time consuming and expensive process. Feature Analyst has taken feature extraction and made it both simple and, according to this evaluation, quite effective. With ongoing improvements to the software such as change detection, image fusion, 3D feature extraction, and batch processing.