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NIMA reinforces its commitment to remote-sensing industry

The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) announced that it is awarding a five-year contract to Longmont, Colo.-based DigitalGlobe, Inc., to assure the availability of high-resolution imagery from the next series of U.S. commercial imagery satellites. This contract, known as NextView, implements a new level of partnering between the U.S. Government and the remote-sensing industry. The NextView award to DigitalGlobe is a contract with a potential to award more than $500 million over the period of performance of the contract. The contract allows NIMA early participation in the development cycle for the next generation of U.S. commercial satellite imaging capabilities. NextView moves beyond the commodity-based approach of commercial imagery acquisition and seeks to assure access, priority tasking rights, volume (area coverage) and broad licensing terms for sharing imagery with all potential mission partners. Simultaneously, NIMA is pursuing further discussions with Space Imaging, LLC in Thornton, Colo., regarding a contract to continue development of a follow-on system to provide NIMA an additional source to mitigate a potential commercial gap in availability of commercial imagery to support the geospatial mission.