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NIMA, DigitalGlobe presence at US Remote Sensing conference

U.S. Commercial Remote Sensing has made significant progress in the last decade. However, there still remain hurdles to overcome in order to strengthen its stance as a commercial industry both at home and abroad. Decision makers from aerial, satellite and value added resellers (VAR), are invited to gather on December 1& 2, 2003 to network and prepare for a prominent future in this industry at the U.S. Commercial Remote Sensing Industry Conference in Washington D.C. (https://www.srinstitute.com/CG101). The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) keynote speaker, Sande Webster will be covering Nextview’s long-term initiatives of strengthening the government/industry relationship. Exhibitor and recent winner of the $500 million Nextview contract, DigitalGlobe will be represented by CEO Herb Satterlee. Satterlee will join Gene Colabatistto, President, Space Imaging, and Matthew O’Connell, CEO, ORBIMAGE, to discuss opportunities in adapting to different segments of the marketplace.

Attendees will hear from key industry players on how integration of data sources can enhance company growth. Satellite imagery CEOs will share business strategies to benefit all components within the industry. Federal agency representatives, such as White House Senior Policy Analyst from the U.S. Office of Science & Technology, Brett Alexander, will add to this robust mixture of industry leaders. Networking opportunities with industry experts can help in expanding market share by examining current market influences and comparing best business practices. Presentations on financial business
planning with experienced industry executives will be a conference feature. Latest federal agency implementation plans will be mentioned during a federal agency representative panel.