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NIIT-GIS: Mukund Rao takes charge from Rajesh Mathur

NIIT GIS Ltd. (ESRI India) has affected a smooth succession to its leadership. Rajesh Mathur, who served as President and COO for the past 14 years, made way for Mukund Rao – who took over as President and COO of ESRI India. Mathur now moves on to a new role of Head – Government Practice at NIIT Technologies Ltd.

Rajesh Mathur had a successful stint with NIIT-GIS (ESRI INDIA) and has served in the vanguard role for past 14 years – building and positioning NIIT-GIS (ESRI INDIA) on a firm footing. He has been instrumental in building the business of GIS in NIIT and successfully positioning ESRI technology as the most commonly used GIS technology in India.

Mukund Rao joined NIIT GIS (ESRI India) in August, 2008 and has driven the business of ESRI India since then– both from technology and solutions perspective. Mukund has over 28 years of experience in remote sensing and GIS technology and business in his stint of 25 years with ISRO. Mukund has been responsible for many national and international initiatives in GIS and SDI and has contributed in a major way to SDI architecturing and developing GIS Applications for the benefit of society. Mukund believes that “the future of GIS is in good solutions that bring value and knowledge to government, private enterprises and to society” and “when we have the best of GIS technology, ESRI products, there is nothing to stop us” and envisages to further grow the capabilities and business of NIIT-GIS (ESRI India).

NIIT-GIS (ESRI India) has also been re-structured to give its internal members more responsibility and challenging growth. The young and dynamic team, organized into Sales and Marketing Group; Technical Services Group and specific Practices, is all geared up to meet the growing demand for GIS products and solutions.