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Nigeria’s state govt embraces satellite imagery

Kano State government is exploring the opportunity of hooking up constantly to the satellite, following the recent success of its geographical map up-dating project, using satellite imagery.

The state government has saved over N200 million by opting to use satellite imagery, instead of aerial photograph that would have caused over N300 million.

Commissioner of land and Physical Planning, Alhaji Ibrahim Garba,told that the state Governor, Ibrahim Shekarau, was very impressed with the project, and was planning to expand it by hooking up constantly to the satellite. According to Garba, apart from the saving of over N200 million, Shekarau was impressed with the quality of job done, adding that if the state had opted to used aerial photographs, which involves the use of aeroplane, it would take more than three years to complete.

He said the Information Technology unit of the ministry is currently building a data base of land in the entire state, using the facility acquired by the ministry.