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Nigeria’s first satellite starts to send data

Nigeria has started to receive images and data from its first satellite called “NigeriaSat-1( which was launched in Russia on Sept. 27 ) ,” a senior Nigerian official announced here on 17 october 2003. Solomon Adeniran, director of the satellite ground station which is monitoring NigeriaSat-1, said, “The satellite has almost stabilized and we have started to receive some images from it. Last week, Nigeria’s Minister of Science and Technology Turner Isoun told newsmen that Nigeria, the most populous African countrywith a population of over 126 million, would be receiving global images daily from the satellite. According to the minister, such images and data will be used toboost food security, poverty alleviation, natural resources inventory and management. It will also be used to find solutions to environmental degradation and natural disaster. The minister also pledged that the government would pursue vigorously the practical benefits of space technology for the development of the nation.