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Nigerian state welcomes 2012 with GIS

Nigeria: The Kwara state government in Nigeria welcomed 2012 with the introduction of GIS. In addition, the state government will soon launch a new version of the state website. With such technological advancements, the state government aims to make its activities interactive. The government will revive the state website and make it the first of its kind in the country. Alhaji Usman Hamza, Senior Special Assistant on Information Technology, said that the state government had already established an Information Technology (IT) office to work toward developing the IT innovations and developments in the state.
Hamza stressed, “The government will adopt ‘Invective Sector Ingestion’ where the use of the latest technology will be applied in all sectors of the state economy.” He added that the state government had previously launched a Land Information System (LIS) and would soon launch Operation System to Manage Emergency and Relief Efforts.
“The government is also working with mobile operators in the state to assist in a system to make emergency calls free of charge.”
Source: allAfrica