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Nigerian Gov embarks on land degradation mapping

Nigeria: The Federal Government has embarked on land degradation mapping and assessment study for prevention and control of potential erosion hazards in Nigeria. This was disclosed by Nwune Chikelo, Project Manager Land Degradation Mapping and Assessment, Ministry of Environment.

He described land degradation as the most complex and devastating of all ecological problems affecting the country hence the need for the mapping. The project was designed to characterise and map the different types, locations, magnitude and the extent of land degradation in the country and the study would make recommendation on appropriate methods to ameliorate and control the problems.

“The study would further provide clear direction for the management of land degradation in Nigeria, identify areas most prone to erosion, especially in the south-east, south-south, the eastern portion of the north central zone and parts of North-east,” he said. Further, he added that the study is important to land use practices in order to identify appropriate land use techniques most suitable in high erosion areas.

Source: All Africa