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Nigeria to roll out pollution mapping

Abuja, Nigeria: Nigeria will soon begin the geo-mapping of sites affected with Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP), according to Anu Bassey, Assistant Director, Pollution Control department in the Ministry of Environment.

Bassey listed some of the affected sites as Kano, Oyo and Rivers states, adding that effort was on to detect more affected areas. She explained that one of the remediation techniques called “two kits’’, was developed last year as a technical guideline for the selection of remediation options and to identify sites contaminated by the pollutants.

According to her, detailed investigation on the extent of contaminated site must be put in place before mapping in order to provide environment-friendly remediation. “The fact that a site is contaminated does not imply that nothing can grow there. You can still get plants growing there, but these plants will be contaminated, will take up this contaminant and it means that these plants will be injurious to the health of the general public,” she added.

Source: Nigerian Observer