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Nigeria revamps Abuja GIS after 11 years

Nigeria: The Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS) recently carried out an overhaul of its system. The new systems infrastructure are necessary fundamentals for facilitating the proposed revenue generating operations of AGIS and also for ensuring sterling service delivery as well as customer/stakeholder satisfaction, in line with the vision of AGIS to become a comprehensive, all-inclusive fool proof and state of the art computerised geospatial data infrastructure for the FCT.

Senator Bala Mohammed is pivotal to the implementation of this transformation in the Federal Capital Territory. The overhaul of AGIS infrastructure by the FCT Minister through the Executive Director AGIS, Jamila Tangaza, was with the implicit purpose of guaranteeing security, efficiencies and innovative workflows and a process to impede gaps in all areas.

Since the inception of AGIS in 2003, there has not been any hardware systems renewal or upgrade, which is necessarily done at the expiration of the useful duration of computer systems (mostly between 4-6 years, depending on the kind of equipment). The AGIS system overhaul was also carried out by Tangaza to avert the possibility of a complete system shut down, disastrous loss of data brought about by system failure, prevalence of fraudulent occurrences, along with its potentially consequences to AGIS operations and revenue generating capacity.

Source: Tribune