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Nigeria: NIS recommends adoption of National Mapping Policy

The Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS) has urged the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, to institute a government that would operate a deliberate policy of involving professional associations to promote sustainable development. Omo Akhigbe who said NIS as a mouthpiece of surveyor's in the country was expectant of a Buhari government that would promote massive investment in surveying and mapping to confront the various challenges facing the nation.

The NIS president reiterated an earlier call by the institution for a President who understands investment in surveying and mapping of the country as an investment in our future, in the sustainability of our economy, in the protection of our environment, in the assurance of our security and ability to adequately and appropriately respond to emergencies and insurgency. He also said the President-elect with his military background would appreciate the menace posed to the country in the absence of up-to-date map of various locations of the country. He added that any serious investor in any sector of the Nigerian economy requires appropriate information better provided by current maps which the nation currently lacks.

Source: AllAfrica.com