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Nigeria needs new topographic map: Surveyor General

Nigeria: Nigeria needs a new topographic map as the present maps are very old. Last time, it was mapped in 1973. As a result, mapping on large scale is required for the country, observed Peter C. Nwilo, Surveyor General of the Federation, Nigeria.

In conversation with allAfrica, Nwilo explained that updated new maps will help the government in reducing unnecessary expenditures and would improve the land reform system in the country. There have been many cases in Nigeria, where authority noticed that buildings have been built on land reserved for green areas. To stop this practise, Nwilo suggested creation of an up-to-date map of the country which would clearly list areas for gutters, pipelines, green areas etc.

Lately, Nigeria has reported many cases of building collapse. To this, Nwilo responded by saying that most people in Nigeria do not consult professional surveyors before building a structure. They do not obtain a topographic map of a particular area. Without knowing the suitability of the land people start construction on it. An updated topographic map of a particular area can help people in building environment friendly structures.

Nwilo further suggested that maps of the whole African continent should be updated for better governance. ‘Local origin’ states which were not added in maps earlier should be incorporated in the new map of Africa.

Nwilo concluded by saying that such maps will be uploaded on the internet so that people can easily go online and buy it without visiting the office.

Source: All Africa