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Nigeria gets Ushahidi-based crisis map

Nigeria: New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) launched Nigeria Security Tracker. It is an informal crisis map to catalogue, code, and visually represent the frequency, magnitude, and location of violent incidents. It aims to better understand the security situation in Nigeria.
Using Ushahidi’s Crowdmap, CFR’s team records violent incidents reported in the Nigerian and international press that appear to be motivated by political, economic, or social grievances. 
   There are several red circles on the map, some with numbers in them. These represent incidents that have been plotted and the rough location of where they took place. If users zoom in, they will see more precise locations. Clicking on a red circle will cause a link to pop out that will take them to the actual incident report, which includes a short description, links to media reports.
Below the map is a timeline that shows the number of reported incidents per day, which can be automated by clicking play. 
Source: CFR