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Nigeria: Fed govt urged to focus on geomatics

Lagos — A Nigerian company, GeoQinetiq Limited, has urged the Federal Government to introduce capacity building initiatives in geomatics, in institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. The company emphasised the importance of geomatics in areas of designing and building bridges, pipelines and canals, national census, and land ownership information.

“All of the above are investigated and accurately provided by Geomaticians. The main questions of development are thus covered by this new science of Geomatics, which is different from the old science of Surveying in the sense that Geomatics now combines the internet, satellite navigation and telematics, and, has been widened to encompass all the new areas of digital spatial and temporal data collection and interpretation, ranging from the basic mapping of land to the ability to track and map the movement of individuals and objects globally in real time,” said the company’s official.