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Nigeria-Cameroon Commission demarcates common boundary

Nigeria: Surveyors from the Nigeria-Cameroon Mixed Commission have traced the boundary from Pillar 100 in Benue State to the Pillar 114 Cross River State, both in Nigeria. According to the commission, the boundary stretches for around 300 km and falls in Cross River State. Pertinently, Cross River State shares its border with Cameroon on the east
The commission has informed that the essence of the demarcation was to show the limits between the two countries, so that security agents, tax collectors and those doing business along the borders could be properly guided.
The commission, which was established by the United Nations about 2005, under the former secretary general, Kofi Annan, is made up of 43 members, with 20 Nigerians, 14 Cameroonians and nine coming from the United Nations. The mixed commission was established to effectively demarcate the boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon, two countries that almost share common colonial ancestry.

Source: Businessday