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Nigeria acknowledges cartography as a profession

Nigeria: Outgoing president of the Nigerian Cartographic Association (NCA), Dominic Wokoma, said that cartography has been recently acknowledged as a profession in Nigeria, adding that the 33-year-old association was relatively unknown. In conversation with media, he observed that cartography course was missing in Nigerian universities so there was lack of awareness about cartography in the country.

According to him, University of Lagos and the University of Uyo will soon introduce a master’s programme on GIS and Cartography. “The problem is a lack of faculty; there are probably less than 250 cartographers in the country and that is not enough.”

Wokoma informed that the country is preparing a bill, ‘Mapping Policy in Nigeria’. The office of the surveyor general is in charge.

He opined that cartographers should not be mistaken for field surveyors. He explained, “Carte is the French word for ‘map’ and used in conjunction with ‘graphie’, it means map writing. Cartography in simple terms is the profession of map makers – those who are in charge of making all forms of maps.”

He added, “It is different from surveyors because surveyors go to take field measurements and record them; but cartographers design and produce maps.”

Source: 234next.com