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NHAI enhances transparency in highway projects

New Delhi, India: The Transport Ministry has fixed monthly monitorable targets for award of contracts worth about INR 57,000 crore by January, 2012, announced CP Joshi, Transport Ministry, Government of India. Joshi said that the ministry will bid out all projects from the beginning of August through e-tendering process to introduce greater transparency in the sector.

The minister informed that GIS-based satellites imagery is being used for planning and monitoring of national highways. In addition, National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will implement a pilot project of 1200 km covering country’s far flung areas. Pilot project will be part of updating the existing GIS and web based Road Information System (RIS) of 7,000 km which is available on NHAI website. Elaborating transparency measures undertaken so far, Joshi said NHAI was on Facebook and the Ministry welcomed suggestions for reforms. So far over 30,000 users visited the Facebook account.

The NHAI will award five projects for building 570 km in May at a cost of INR 4,656 crore. Four projects worth over INR 5,500 crore were awarded last month. Altogether 59 contracts totalling 7,994 km will be awarded by January, 2012. The months of July, August and October will see award for over 1,000 km each.

“These measures will help us achieve the target of building 20 km of roads a day,” Joshi opined, adding that about 10,000 km of roads will be taken for award of contracts in 2011-12 for ensuring minimum achievement of 7,300 km which has been decided as a target by Empowered Group of Ministers last month.

Source: Economic Times