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NGOs express concern over EU’s GIs scheme

Geneva, Switzerland: During the 8th Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva, a group of NGOs expressed concerned about the issue of “geographical indications (GIs)”, a scheme that assigns certain products special status – based on their production location – and therefore a market advantage. The European Union (EU) has established 190 GIs for agricultural products, which it wants India to recognise. 
“But India is lagging behind in registering its own GIs, which means that EU products will get additional access to markets in India,” said Ranja Sengupta, senior researcher at Third World Network (TWN). 
At the other front, a recent impact assessment on the right to food of the EU-India FTA, researched and compiled by leading advocacy groups including the Delhi-based TWN, the Indian NGO Anthra and Germany charities Misereor, Glopolis and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, concluded that the proposed free trade agreement (FTA) would violate the right to food of a vast segment of the Indian population, particularly those who rely on the poultry and dairy sectors.
Experts believed that if substantial evidence finds the FTA to have potentially adverse consequences for the Indian people, it should be reviewed and renegotiated. “There is no point in negotiating at the WTO if these FTAs are signed simultaneously,” Sengupta stressed. 
Source: ipsnews.net