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NGIS Australia joins RPDE programme

Australia: NGIS Australia has become an associate member of the pioneering Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation (RPDE) programme – a joint venture between the Australian Department of Defence and other industry partners. NGIS Australia specialises in leveraging geospatial data and creating innovative GIS applications and software that drive cost efficiencies and add value to business.

As an associate member, NGIS becomes one of the RPDE’s first point of contact for problems requiring spatial information solutions. The company will also assist the RPDE in software development, system integration and software products.

Paul Harris, Founder and Executive Director, NGIS Australia, said, “It’s a great opportunity for our R&D team to expand NGIS’s horizons by getting involved in such an innovative and cutting edge programme for the Department of Defence.”

The RPDE programme combines Defence Force knowledge and experience with key industry partner resources and expertise, in an effort to identify and develop solutions to combat potential threats or breaches to Australian Defence Force (ADF) security. Currently, the RPDE becomes involved once an ADF problem is detected, at which time it then assesses the situation and delivers a prototyped solution identifying the key organisations, personnel and technologies needed to provide a full response.

Source: NGIS