NGA’s new map of the world to aid troops in risky operations

NGA’s new map of the world to aid troops in risky operations


US: Pentagon”s National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is in the process of developing an updated digital “image skin” for a comprehensive map of the world which can be used by future military operations.

The NGA has sought information from potential contractors to help develop the “orthorectified image skin” that would provide the base layer for the world map. Such a map would give the military a clearer picture of any potential trouble spot where troops would have to operate.

The US Geological Survey defines orthoimagery as “high resolution aerial images that combine the visual attributes of an aerial photograph with the spatial accuracy and reliability” of a traditional map.

“A key element necessary to support global readiness is the availability of a current and accurate worldwide image base to ensure a common operational picture for all users,” the NGA document says.

In March, the NGA issued its first request for potential contractors for the orthoimaging for the map. The image skin will provide the foundation for the map and consist of images from multiple sources, including commercial and government sources from satellite or airborne. The images for the map, according to the NGA, must be updated electronically “with multiple updates expected each week.”

Source: USA Today