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NGA to put GEOINT power in users’ hands

US: The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is considering taking a bold step toward transforming operations and accelerating the agency’s vision of putting GEOINT power in the hands of users by establishing integrated work groups (IWG), according to NGA’s director of analysis and production.
NGA has already established one IWG, which is focused on an unspecified strategic region of the world, and is looking to create at least two more, Lisa Spuria, director of the Analysis and Production Directorate, said recently at a GEOINTeraction event sponsored by the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation.
The goal of the initiative, which will soon include IWGs focused on the war on terror and on domestic operations, is to bring together people with skills from across the entire agency, focus them on a specific region or topic, and have them try to solve questions on an integrated basis, Spuria explained.
But the project is about more than just bringing skills together, she continued. “The idea is to transform the way we do business. It is not just about transforming how we do analysis, but it is actually bringing people with skills—developers, engineers, statisticians—in with the analysts, to try to answer the key intelligence questions as part of a team. That means you bring your different types of experience to the analysis, and it is amazing to see the enthusiasm when you bring engineers and analysts together at the grassroots level. They are beginning to make changes and develop tools and new ways of doing things quickly. We are bringing everyone together, and there has been a lot of response.
“The goal of the IWGs is to provide GEOINT consumers with higher quality analysis on key questions,” Spuria said. “Because we’ve brought all of our expertise into one team, they’re going to take a holistic view of things. Everyone working an issue will be together on a team. Now, we have analysts spread over a number of offices working the same related issues, from different angles or organizations. We want to bring them all together, and work together on key issues.” 
Source: www.geospatial-intelligence-forum.com