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NGA to enhance digital signal processing

US: The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) asked companies to create better keyboard-tethered 3D imaging platforms as well as to bring analysts into the 3D world through kinesthetic interaction with imagery taken from above areas of interest. The goal is to improve digital signal processing to make 3-D coordinate-under-cursor capabilities such as overlapping images into one image. In addition, the agency wants the ability to create one complete image using information received from several platforms regardless of sensor location and preferably with video and still picture capabilities.
Companies interested in being considered for contract award can submit proposals no later than June 29, 2011. The request for proposal for the first phase of the research asks experts to create 3D auto-georegistration using dense pixel matching to create 3D images from 2D video or pictures. Although this process already exists, it requires a great deal of resources and time, which often delay the delivery of actionable intelligence to the field.
The proposal for the second phase of the work involves creating novel ways to interact with that 3D overhead image: imagine a combination of the capabilities seen in “Minority Report,” “Iron Man” and Microsoft’s Kinect system, AFCEA International reported. “We are looking for a new approach through applying existing off-the-shelf technology in a modern way or introducing new modern technology,” said Joeanna Arthur, project scientist in the GEOINT Analytics Division at the NGA.
Source: www.afcea.org