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NGA exempts DigitalGlobe imagery programme from sequestration

US: DigitalGlobe has received a guarantee from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) that sequestration will not affect the largest portion of the company’s potential $3.5 billion satellite imagery services contract with the agency.

Peter de Selding writes the 10-year EnhancedView contract is renewable each year and DigitalGlobe receives monthly payments if it meets performance milestones and concludes certain investments.

DigitalGlobe CEO Jeffrey Tarr said during a May 7 investors call that NGA guaranteed the program’s service-level agreement but did not guarantee the program’s value-added services portion, according to the report.

Tarr also told investors the agency’s guarantee is not binding, de Selding reports.

The company will provide services for remote ground stations and the WorldView-3 satellite under EnhancedView.

Source: Executive Biz