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New Zealand’s AA buys GeoSmart

New Zealand, 14 March 2007: GeoSmart, geospatial solutions provider, has been acquired by the New Zealand Automobile Association. In a press release, one of the officials of AA said it had “formalized” its relationship with GeoSmart with “the acquisition of their assets” and the move has reflected its business growth. Pete Blackwell, general manager of AA Tourism said that with over 1.2 million members, the AA is always looking for ways to assist motorists.

“We believe GeoSmart is the market leader in mapping technology. Because of their success demonstrated with in-car navigation technology to date, this gives validity to GeoSmart’s proficiency in their online and cartographic mapping services also.

“You can’t separate the AA and maps – they are intrinsically linked. However, we have come a long way since the days of the basic tourist map. The advent of the web and portable technology devices in recent years literally means we are moving with the times, this type of technology is the way of the future. Together the AA and GeoSmart will develop and deliver a high standard of consumer mapping across the board.”

General manager of GeoSmart Phil Allen said that GeoSmart looks forward to bringing the benefits of AA ownership to its clients. “We drive virtually every public road in New Zealand to map them – over 94,000km to create a full turn restriction database. The integrity of that data can now be even better maintained on an ongoing basis with the help of the AA Roadservice fleet and local staff who drive our roads. The quality stamp that comes with our partnership with the AA is an added bonus – ensuring we continue to offer the best data for our wide range of mapping solutions,” he said.

GeoSmart started out as an aerial photography and mapping service in 1977 and is the only organisation that can offer hardcopy aerial photography, digital imagery for GIS landbases, full photogrammetric mapping, 3D modelling and remote sensing.

The AA has acquired an additional 11 staff from GeoSmart, dramatically increasing the size of its original mapping capacity. The combined teams will relocate to new premises on the North Shore next month.