New Zealand opens up mapping information to developers

New Zealand opens up mapping information to developers


New Zealand: Mapping information showing the locations of publicly accessible land across New Zealand has been released by the New Zealand Walking Access Commission (NZWAC) to enable researchers, government agencies and app developers embark on their own mapping projects.

The mapping information released includes locations of public reserves, conservation land, crown land, legal roads, marginal strips and esplanade strips. Developers wanting to use the information can plug into the map feed on the Commission’s website, on the new GIS Data page.

“This new data feed will improve access to government data for the public and business, in line with the Government’s Information and Communications Technology strategy. It will facilitate new research, better central and local government decision making on land issues and development of some truly innovative new mapping websites and apps by private companies,” said Mark Neeson, NZWAC Chief Executive.

Source: Future Gov