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New Zealand launches new educational GIS portal

Wellington, New Zealand: The New Zealand Geospatial Office has launched a new website called the Educational GIS web portal that aims to educate the children studying in the country’s high schools about the tremendous importance of GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

According to officials, the high schools in New Zealand have said that restricted computer access, budget constraints, and minimal access to comprehensive New Zealand centric lesson plans using GIS have made schools struggle to introduce GIS.

“Through the Educational GIS Web Portal we’re looking to present teachers with a web-based GIS application that makes use of the government’s broadband initiative, and brings pre-package lessons using GIS to the classroom to allow students to meet the requirements of the new Spatial Analysis Achievement Standards,” said Kathryn Salm, Geospatial capability leader at the New Zealand Geospatial Office.

Salm further revealed that the portal is currently being testing in five schools ranging the width and breath of New Zealand, both urban and rural, to present geospatial concepts to their geography classrooms.

“Testing is due to be completed in the next couple of months, and all participating teachers have been asked to provide feedback on the portal, including usability, through an online form on the Eagle Technology Website,” she said.

“Once testing is completed the Working Group will review the feedback and determine a way forward for the Portal.”

Source: FutureGov