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New Zealand introduces new cadastre strategy

Cadastre strategyNew Zealand: Surveyor-General of New Zealand has released Cadastre 2034 strategy. New Zealand’s Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson has welcomed this initiative. The cadastre includes official survey plans, information about boundary marks, survey measurements, and other supporting information provided by surveyors. “The Cadastre 2034 strategy will look to set New Zealand’s cadastral system within the wider location system as part of a broader property rights framework. While New Zealand already has a world-class cadastral system, a gap is developing between what we have now and will be needed in future. Advances in location-based technology in the next 20 years will transform the expectations of landowners, businesses, government agencies and the general public. I’m pleased to see the Surveyor-General plans to respond to these new expectations and the opportunities that will arise,” said Williamson.

It’s expected that the cadastral data would be able to be reused and integrated into other spatially-related information to help grow the location system. This would help enable the best use and management of land.

Source: SIba