New Zealand company tastes success with online maps

New Zealand company tastes success with online maps


5 September 2006: A service that enables Web users to quickly find street directions in New Zealand and Australia has put new Wellington company Project X Technology on the map. The company is behind the ZoomIn online maps service and, introduced by auction website Trade Me last month.

Both services are based on mapping data provided by Terralink and are designed in the flexible AJAX (asynchronous Java and XML) web standard. Now users of ZoomIn and smaps simply enter a street address into a search engine and are taken to the exact location on a map that can be navigated and magnified with the click of a mouse button.

Browsing an Internet news group, Project X Technology founder John Clegg met web developer Ben Nolan. They began formulating a plan to build a mapping service. ZoomIn in Australia has now been launched and added aerial photography to the mapping service.

A unique aspect of the mapping website is that every address listed is given a unique web address so users can email the web link to friends who need only click on the link to go to the location on the map.

Project X has built a version of ZoomIn for mobile devices, but Clegg said the high bandwidth costs of accessing mapping on mobile phones ruled out a commercial release of a mobile service for the time being. Project X worked closely with Trade Me’s developers to integrate smaps into the Trade Me website.