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New website to promote spatial sciences

New Zealand: A new website has been launched which will help people put themselves on a career path in the spatial information industry. The website, www.destinationspatial.org, is the result of extensive research to find out what information students and parents need and how to present it in a way that encourages them to investigate further. It is the public face of the multi-sectoral Destination Spatial movement gathering momentum around Australia and New Zealand.

“Students and parents can now “meet” real people in the various disciplines of the spatial industry, look at real projects from all over the world carried out by Australia and New Zealand trained people, find every spatial or related course in Australia and New Zealand, and participate in real opportunities,” said Andrea Herklots, Regional and National Director of the Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA).

The spatial information industry has been around for centuries but computerisation has expanded its impact on the way we live.

Right now it is an industry that offers excellent career opportunities for people who want to put themselves on the map.

Source: New Zealand Strategy