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New website designed to drive business growth

Pennsylvania, US: A new website designed to drive business growth and investment in Pennsylvania should be helpful to promote the area’s available business properties, local economic development officials said. Geographic information system, or GIS, mapping technology is part of the website.

PASiteSearch.com, recently launched by the state Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and Team Pennsylvania Foundation, includes up-to-date community demographics, labour and infrastructure assets, as well as workforce and expenditure reports for properties of interest.
According to GIS Planning Inc., the company that designed and built the system, PASiteSearch is the first website to integrate site selection information from Pennsylvania and the United States into a single, user-friendly site.

PASiteSearch is integrated with ZoomProspector.com, which allow visitors worldwide to conduct a national search of communities and commercial properties that match specific criteria.

When a community or commercial property in Pennsylvania matches a business search on ZoomProspector, users can immediately click through to the new website to get the information that will help them analyse the unique business advantages offered by the Pennsylvania site.

“A large percentage of site searches are done online,” Bette Slayton, Executive Director, Bedford County Development Asssociation, said. “It is especially helpful for rural areas, it helps get our sites online.”

In developing PASiteSearch, DCED worked with local economic development partners and Team Pennsylvania Foundation to ensure that the most critical site selection information would be available to users.

“This enhancement makes SiteSearch a unique, indispensable economic development tool and it gives Pennsylvania a major advantage over other states that are competing to retain, attract and expand business,” Rich Hudic, Team Pennsylvania President and CEO, said in a statement.

Source: altoonamirror.com