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New Volkswagen Up! launched with TomTom navigation

Switzerland: TomTom today announced that the new Volkswagen Up! will feature TomTom navigation starting from June 2016. Drivers will access TomTom’s easy-to-use navigation via a smartphone App (developed by a third-party app developer) dedicated to the Volkswagen Up! experience. The user’s smartphone is then secured on the driver’s dashboard with a dock, keeping the device in plain sight and easily accessible.

The App features TomTom’s state of the art automotive navigation components – its navigation software “NavKit” combined with its automotive-grade digital maps. To take the navigation experience even further, Volkswagen will let drivers choose whether they want to receive further map updates and TomTom’s award-winning traffic service. This once again demonstrates TomTom’s expertise in bringing together the worlds of Automotive and Consumer Electronics.

"We are delighted that Volkswagen has selected TomTom navigation” says Antoine Saucier, Managing Director TomTom Automotive. “Up! drivers will be able to enjoy the quality of guidance of TomTom Navkit, providing some of the fastest routes with extremely accurate estimated times of arrival, and the precision of TomTom digital maps, combined with the convenience of using their smartphone”.

Source: TomTom