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New virtual map library of Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Carolina Ruiz Vega School of Geographical Sciences of the Universidad Nacional (UNA) created a virtual map library of the country, Costa Rica. It aims to help professionals working in areas such as environmental conservation, agriculture, urban planning, land management, research landscapes and disaster risks.

“Previously we offered 1:10 000 scale maps in .jpg format. Despite their usefulness, they offered few options for handling,” said the coordinator of the Virtual Map Library, Gustavo Barrantes. So now, offered in shp format, one of the most commonly used for those working with GIS. “With this other format professionals and students can develop their own maps using a software specialist,” said an academic at the School of Geographical Sciences. Each map is associated with metadata, i.e. a sheet with basic information about spatial data. It also has multiple layers of geo-information for the user to choose what you want to observe (contours, roads, land use, etc.).

Source: El Financiero