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New version of TerraGo Mobile available

Georgia, US: TerraGo Technologies has released a new version of TerraGo Mobile, which enables users to interact with GeoPDF maps on smartphones. It makes geospatial collaboration easy for everyone, with an enhanced user interface, improved export features, and expanded functionality for embedding multimedia at points on a map.

In contrast to high-end, complex portable GIS solutions, TerraGo Mobile is designed for users who are not GIS experts. Field personnel only need to be familiar with the Microsoft Windows interface and how to open a PDF file to be instantly productive. Users responding to a natural disaster, policing a high- profile event, researching a proposed roadway route, repairing powerlines, or operating on a military mission can navigate with TerraGo Mobile as well as complete forms, measure distances and add comments, audio, photos and video to maps and imagery.

Information users collect in the field with TerraGo Mobile can be shared with other mobile or desktop users in a workgroup or returned to a central GIS or ERP system by e-mail, file transfer protocol, or other means to create a real-time, user-enhanced common operating picture. Not only is TerraGo Mobile effective at exchanging data with GIS systems such as ESRI ArcGIS software, but it also interoperates with applications such as Google Earth via KML files and other file formats.

Source: TerraGo