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New version of ESRI’s ArcIMS site starters now available

ESRI, has announced that ArcIMS Site Starters 1.1 is now available. ArcIMS Site Starters are a suite of application templates, each addressing a specific business function (such as a database search). Web developers can easily configure the ArcIMS Site Starters applications to use with their specific data. The foremost enhancement offered with version 1.1 of the ArcIMS Site Starters is the introduction of the buffer application. This new application combines a typical database search application with spatial query functionality from the GIS. Users can locate features, define buffer parameters, and generate buffer reports with integrated maps. Version 1.1 also offers enhancements to the dynamic map display page as well as support for Netscape 6.2 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 browsers. In addition, users now have an even wider selection of presentation styles from which to choose. Version 1.1 marks the latest milestone in the ArcIMS Site Starters continued goal of providing simple, specific, and elegant application solutions for the ArcIMS community. Users benefit from an intuitive, step-by-step path to generating maps and reports, while developers can take advantage of the customizable application framework. ArcIMS provides the foundation for distributing high-end GIS and mapping services on the Internet. It enables users to integrate local data sources with Internet data sources for display, query, and analysis in an easy-to-use Web browser.