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New version of DVP; Digital Photogrammetry S/W

DVP-GS Inc. Canada has released version 5.5 an important version considering the many innovations present in their Digital Photogrammetry Software, namely:

– TIN on-the-fly,
– Contours on-the-fly,
– Fluidity of OpenGL motion with images
– Color Balancing of Ortho-images

– Camera Distortion Parameters
– New Tool: Image Preparation Module
– Incorporation of JPEG Compressed TIFF
– Import and Export of vectors to ESRI Shapefile format
– and much more

DVP GS Inc. is offering all formal users of DVP (Version 3 & 4) to upgrade to DVP Complete Workstation version 5.5, no matter which DVP Software they might have bought. We believe that it is of the most important that our client be satisfied, that they always have on hand our latest tools in order to be competitive in their respective fields. As a software developer, we are moving ahead an would like our users to move ahead with DVP’s latest technology.

The DVP-GS team is committed to provide “Powerful Photogrammetric Software for the Most Demanding Professionals”. Distribution network’s worldwide presence has allowed to learn much of clients’ needs and expectations. The DVP family of software is used by large and small mapping organizations in more than 80 countries; numerous educational institutions have adopted our products too.