New version of Bathymetric Data Management software released by CARIS

New version of Bathymetric Data Management software released by CARIS


Fredericton, Canada, December 11, 2006 – CARIS has announced the release of Bathy DataBASE 2.0 for the creation and management of bathymetric surfaces. Bathy DataBASE was developed to allow hydrographers to overcome obstacles of large bathymetric data sets and data sources. The software allows users to validate, prepare and compile bathymetric data from multiple formats and sources to create products.

Among some of the features of Version 2.0 are new source data management and storage tools, Subset Editor for point editing, redesigned 3D graphics display and navigation tools, and true position contouring.

With ever expanding volumes of raw multibeam survey data and large numbers of archived historical data sources, a data management system for source bathymetry is essential. The management of high-density bathymetry is essential for product creation where safety of navigation is applicable.

The goal then is not to manage bathymetry at survey density but at a useful and significant resolution. Bathy DataBASE covers this crucial need allowing users to focus the management of bathymetry data at the “optimal” density for the most functional and practical solution.

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