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New Version of ArcGIS Schematics and ArcGIS Schematics SDK Now Shipping

ESRI has announced that ArcGIS Schematics 2.2.2 and ArcGIS Schematics Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.2.2 are now shipping. ArcGIS Schematics is an ArcGIS extension that enables users to automatically generate, visualize, and manipulate schemas and diagrams from network data within the ArcGIS geodatabase. ArcGIS Schematics SDK is a comprehensive toolkit to develop and customize schematic applications from any standard relational database management system. ArcGIS Schematics can be used for electric, gas, transportation, telecommunications, water/wastewater, petroleum, and virtually any other linear network.

The graphic manipulation and network formatting capabilities of ArcGIS Schematics, combined with advanced cartographic tools, provide businesses with a robust solution for schematic generation. Users can take advantage of a number of functions to manipulate network objects: intelligent subnetwork movement, modification of symbol and text sizes, horizontal or vertical alignment of nodes, and more.

ArcGIS Schematics operates with ArcGIS Desktop 8.2 (ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo) and includes many innovative features such as :

  • Automatic diagram generation
  • Geographic, geoschematic, and schematic representations of network features
  • Dynamic interaction with geographic information system (GIS) technology allowing multilevel visualization of the network data
  • Data-driven solution, independent of data models
  • Customizable algorithms fitting any industry needs
  • Multisource access, which enables outside and inside plant management
  • Network object model for real-time management of connectivity

The combination of these features gives the user a better understanding of the network organization, shortens the decision making process, and increases the return on investment through faster network data updates.

ArcGIS Schematics SDK does not require ArcGIS Desktop and provides a set of ActiveX components that meets the needs of network managers to graphically visualize and manipulate their network data.