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New Version 1.7 of the Innovative PocketGIS® Software now available

Positioning Resources Ltd is pleased to announce that Version 1.7, the new edition of the revolutionary PocketGIS Field Data Capture software, is now available. Version 1.7 sees many new functionalities and enhancements to the PocketGIS Software.

Data handling between the Corporate GIS and the field computers has been greatly enhanced to make data transfer quicker and simpler. In addition to loading the data direct to memory cards for subsequent plug-in to the field computer, there is now the ability to synchronise the PocketGIS database. Combined with the scripting option, when field is linked to the base PC, whether by direct link or wireless link, the data changes in the form of updates are recognised and passed back to the Corporate GIS in one small step. This is a giant leap forward in terms of speed and simplicity.

For UK users, the adoption of the latest OSTN 02 datum shift ensures the best possible link between GPS and Ordnance Survey mapping. This becomes essential as the latest Positional Accuracy Improvements (PAI), which is being issued by OS, is incorporated into users GIS systems. PocketGIS also included a tool to adjust existing feature locations should they be misplaced by the adjustment of the OS mapping. This is a simple one-tap operation.

With the emerging Bluetooth technologies permitting wireless links, PocketGIS is now enabled to work with Bluetooth GPS receivers, adding this to the wide range of other interfaceable receivers Positioning Resources Ltd have to offer, including the latest GPS Systems – to suit a variety of accuracy requirements as well as the most recent in Laser Rangefinder Hardware.

PocketGIS Software is an affordable, user friendly and fully customisable GIS Product, which enables users to build, forms specific to there needs for the collection of attribute data.

Now in its 20th year, Data Capture Specialists Positioning Resources Ltd successfully provide positioning and mapping solutions to both public and private sector organisations for various applications. PocketGIS Software was one of the first of its kind to run on Handheld PC’s when introduced back in 1997.