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New Urban Research to teach Mapping to local communities

Oregon, USA, 17 May 2007: New Urban Research of Portland, Oregon is organizing workshops for social service providers, academic researchers, urban planners and anyone who performs community demographic analysis for governmental or private organizations. Mapping Minnesota Communities will be the focus of beginner level workshops in Minneapolis designed to teach the fundamentals of using GIS and Census data for community analysis.

“Mapping Minnesota Communities: Introduction to GIS & Community Analysis” will be offered twice in Minneapolis on May 31 and June 1, 2007. Each workshop lasts one day and costs $399 per person. “Any organization that seeks federal funding to perform public health, economic or educational development is required to provide demographic analysis on populations within specific geographic areas,” said Gina Clemmer, President of New Urban Research. “We teach students how to access Census data files online and then use the GIS to extract specific demographic information and map the results down to the neighborhood level.”

New Urban Research, is a professional social research organization, which customizes the GIS exercises and demonstrations in each class with geographic and mapping data relating to the state where the workshop is being held. During the class, participants will be shown how to download Census data relating to poverty, race, language, education and other variables for their communities and integrate these files with their own data sets for analysis in the GIS. For more information, visit www.urban-research.info