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New Urban Research to organise GIS workshops

LOS ANGELES, USA — Mapping California Communities will be the focus of beginner-level workshops offered throughout March in several California cities to teach the fundamentals of using GIS and Census data for community analysis. Presented by New Urban Research Inc. the workshop is designed for social service providers, academic researchers, urban planners and anyone who performs community demographic analysis for governmental or private organisations.

Each workshop is one day and costs $495 per person. No previous GIS experience is necessary. Information and registration are available at www.urban-research.info.

During the class, participants will be shown how to download Census data relating to poverty, race, language, education and other variables for their communities and integrate these files with their own data sets for analysis in the GIS.

Using ESRI ArcGIS 9.3 software, participants will leave the class with a thorough understanding of three core GIS applications:

— Thematic Mapping – Attendees will create color-coded maps of their data that displays information trends.
— Geocoding – Attendees will map the addresses of their projects, clients or incident areas.
— Spatial Analysis – Attendees will extract and map subsets of variables from Census data.

Workshop participants will also receive a free 30-day subscription to the Shapefile Warehouse, an archive of Census Bureau data in GIS-ready data files.