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New tracking system to show how far your emails travel

After tracking the emails, Email Miles adds the location information and miles to emails automatically, picturedUS: A new system has been developed that uses GPS technology to calculate the number of miles an email has travelled before reaching an inbox. The system called Email Miles, aims to showcase how many physical miles has an email travelled before it reaches its destination. The system makes use of Internet tracking and GPS to determine from where the message was sent and where it was received.

Email Miles is a free plug-in for email programs such as Apple’s Mail and Google's Gmail. When an email is sent, the location of the server sending the message is tagged into the code of the mail. Email Miles scans an email for this so-called Geolocation tag. Every time an email is received by a new server, the new location tag is added to the email. Brucker-Cohen's plug-in tracks the different server locations of the emails and calculates the distance, in miles, between the two using GPS co-ordinates. “The goal of Email Miles is to bring back the authentic nature of snail mail into something we now use daily as its replacement – email. Email Miles is beneficial because it adds a physical component to a phenomenon like email that is perceived as purely virtual,” said Jonah Brucker-Cohen, creator of Email Miles.

Source: Daily Mail