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New Toyota models to support Scout GPS Link

Japan: Japanese carmaker Toyota has sealed the deal with auto tech companies Telenav and UIEvolution to equip some 2016 models with Scout GPS Link and UIEngine Link. Scout GPS Link allows users easily to transfer the information displayed on their mobile device outside the car to the multimedia display inside their car. This not only helps provide an optimised and safe experience with larger buttons and easier-to-read navigation while driving, but it also includes one-touch controls and voice recognition. The connectivity between phone and vehicle is provided by UIEvolution's UIEngine Link, which allows drivers to securely access real-time data and services like navigation and traffic, that Scout GPS Link provides, using their mobile device. Scout’s new features will include: automatic transfer of search results, navigation routes and recent destinations from the phone to the car and voice-guided navigation with driver-friendly turn-by-turn, to name a few. The new system will be introduced on only a handful of Toyota vehicles including the Tacoma Truck.

Source: Telenav