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New system of land management in Brazil

Brazil: The National Institute for Agrarian Colonization (INCRA) has introduced a new system of landRichard Torsiano of INCRA explains functioning of SIGEF management (SIGEF) which will be implemented this semester. Created to analyse georeferenced data of rural properties, the SIGEF will be able to update 20,000 certification requests per month. The system also enables verification of overlapping areas, in addition to generating maps and descriptive memorials (documents with all details) of the properties automatically, from the information provided by technicians hired to perform the georeferencing of properties.

Issued by INCRA, the land certification ensures that the boundaries of the rural properties do not overlap with other properties and the implementation of the georeferencing is in accordance with the legal specifications. The document is required for the registration of the property in case of buying, selling, sharing or dismemberment.

Source: INCRA