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New surface geology data of Australia released

Australia: A new dataset prepared by Geoscience Australia provides the most detailed seamless coverage to date of Australia’s surface geology.

The 2012 edition of the national 1:1 million scale Surface Geology of Australia, which has been developed in conjunction with the State and Northern Territory geological surveys, updates the previous 2010 dataset with new and revised mapping.

The custodian of national geological maps at Geoscience Australia, Ollie Raymond, said that development of the updated material was helped by improved analysis and research techniques.

“By applying new geochronological, geochemical and geophysical techniques, the new mapping, which includes updated stratigraphic and descriptive geological information, provides an improved insight into Australia’s geology,” Raymond said.

“The 2012 edition data for parts of the Northern Territory, northwest Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia in particular will give geologists and researchers a clearer picture of the surface geology than previously available” he said.

“In some areas, the new geochronological and geochemical data has resulted in more specific information about the ages of rocks which has led to delineation of new prospective regions for mineral resources.

“The new data will be invaluable for exploration and mining companies seeking details of surface geology to align with other data to better target drilling and other exploration programs,” Raymond said.

The new dataset is available in a variety of GIS formats as a free download and the geology data can be viewed along with Geoscience Australia”s topographic map data through the online mapping tool, MapConnect.

Source: GA