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New station for SPOT 2/4 data reception put into operation in Magadan, Russia

Russia, August 2006: In July the ScanEx Center experts put a new UniScan station into operation in Magadan. This small-size station with a 2.4 meter dish receives data from the TERRA, AQUA (USA) and SPOT 2/4 (France) satellites.

The Magadan station became a node of the largest international SPOT program network integrating more than 30 stations located throughout the world. In accordance with the license agreement between the ScanEx Center and the Spot Image French Company the SPOT 2/4 satellites have been imaging the territory of Russia since March 2006 and downlinking data in real time during all the orbits above Russia.

Now three stations in Moscow, Irkutsk and Magadan are receiving the SPOT 2/4 data. The new receiving center in Magadan covers the Far East, Sakhalin, Chukotka, Kamchatka, Sakha (Yakutiya) and the coastal zone. The SPOT 2/4 cloudless images covered more than 70 percent of Russia’s territory since the summer imaging season started.

Data received at the Magadan station are to be used for region development, the program of illegal timber cutting, forest fires monitoring and for solving nature-conservation and ecological tasks.

At present the ScanEx Center is looking for investors to organize the data reception from the Radarsat-1 and Envisat-1 satellites at the Magadan station. This satellite radar data are promising for ice reconnaissance, ship navigation, oil spill detection on the sea surface as well as for solving economic tasks in the shelf area.

RDC ScanEx
Research and Development Center ScanEx (R&D Center ScanEx) is the leading Russian company on the remote sensing market that offers a complete set of services ranging from acquisition to thematic processing of Earth observation images from space. Today, ScanEx is the only Russian company that has signed license agreements with the top world remote sensing Operators for direct data acquisition from IRS, SPOT, EROS and RADARSAT satellites to UniScan ground stations, for the first time enabling regular near real-time monitoring of territories of Russia and CIS countries with spatial resolution from hundreds to several meters.

R&D Center ScanEx has been operating as a private company since 1989. Incorporating the best achievements of Russian higher education and scientific schools, the experts at ScanEx offer modern and affordable solutions for real-time satellite image acquisition.

ScanEx has been building, maintaining and updating networks of receiving ground stations that belong to such Russian governmental agencies as Ministry of Natural Resources, Emergencies Ministry and Service of hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring (Roshydromet), as well as regional space monitoring centers under educational and scientific institutions. Remote sensing centers in Spain, UAE, Vietnam, Iran and Kazakhstan are among the users of ScanEx technologies. Having signed license agreements with Earth observing missions operators, ScanEx is entitled to grant sub-licenses for data reception to UniScan ground stations owners within Russia and CIS countries.